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Living Room Paint Color Ideas: Black VS Brown

Living room will determine your first impression since it is the first room which is seen by all guests in your house. Due to that fact, you should decorate your living room with the best furniture and ornaments. You can start to think of living room paint color ideas in order to harmony the decoration of your living room with the furniture and also the ornaments. Living room paint color […]

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Coastal Living Rooms: “Let’s Play with Sand!”

Beach is a beautiful place to be visited since you can enjoy the view of the sunset, sunrise, wave, and also the coastal. You can visit the beach when you feel bored and want to enjoy those beautiful views. However, you cannot often go to beach since you have many activities and businesses which should be done. You can still enjoy those beautiful views by decorating your living room with […]

warm cozy living room ideas

Cozy Living Room Ideas: Let’s Come to Visit Me!

When a guest comes to visit you, the first room which should be looked by him is your living room. It is because you will welcome him in your living room and you and your guest will have a conversation in your living room. Because of that reason, you should decorate your living room with a good decoration so that your guest may feel enjoyed to have a conversation with […]

leather living room furniture

How to Decorate Your Living Room with Leather Living Room Sets

Living room is a really perfect place where you can gather with your family members. Here, you can watch a TV together, tell your daily activity, and also share your experience to the others. You can have a quality time with your family when you gather with them here. Due to that fact, you should think of nice decoration and design for your living room. Actually, leather living room sets […]

ideas for living room furniture layout

The Styles of the Living Room Furniture Layout

In the time of composing the idea about the living room furniture layout, people must be aware about the style chosen for designing the living room itself. Sometimes there is the inappropriateness can be found between the layout of the living room and the style chosen for arranging the furniture there. That can make the whole appearance of the living room itself become weird. Because of that, people must know […]