custom walk in shower designs

The Wooden Design for the Walk in Shower Designs

Walk in shower designs with wooden style can be called as a quite new design that is applied in bathroom design interior. The definition of walk in shower is a bathroom that has large enough size and uses the shower not bathtub. As we know, the function of bathroom is a place that for taking a bath, but it is not a mistake when you decorate your bathroom, so, you […]

deny designs shower curtain

Comfortable Feeling in Designer Shower Curtains’ Colors

Designer shower curtains give many functions toward your bathroom. It does not only decorate your bathroom, but it also can help you to be more relax while you take a bath because some color that is used on shower curtains has a therapy function. If your shower curtains is getting old and you have a plan to buy the new shower curtains, so, there are several info before you buy […]

backyard with pool designs

Small Backyard Pool Designs for Your Small Backyard Pool

Backyard pool designs should consider many aspects; one of them is the size of your backyard. It is not many people who cancel their wish to have their own backyard pool because they do not have a proper area for making backyard pool. Having own pool in our backyard becomes the dream of every people, it is not only to facilitate your hobby that involve water such as swimming, but […]

backyard vegetable garden ideas

Backyard Garden Design for Your House

Backyard garden design is a backyard designs that using a garden as the main appearance of the backyard. Talking about garden behind a house, this is a good way in getting nature for the house. As the function of the backyard, this place can be used as every activity that the house members want to do. In this case, the garden backyard is used for being the place of the […]

backyard landscape designs on a budget

Create Your Own Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard landscape design is the design that shows what kind of landscape that consists in the backyard. In this case, about the design, there are so many designs about backyard landscape that available in the internet or the other media. Many people are inspired in building and decorating their backyard landscape with searching from the internet. But, are you such like the “mainstream” people? I don’t think so. You need […]