window treatments sliding glass doors

Benefits of Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

Window treatment should be well cared by any homeowners with any home designs. For sliding door, the window treatment should be applied with certain ideas. Window treatments for sliding doors may be quite different with the window treatment in usual door design. Here, the treatment can influence how the huge appearance of the sliding door can be displayed as it should be. Sliding doors have huge size and great design […]

sliding doors window treatments

Sliding Door Window Treatments Ideas

When you have large room, it will not be complete if you don’t install something big both by the appearance and the meaning. Sliding door window is a great screen to install in your huge room. As its design and size sliding door window treatments should be well cared. Many homeowners don’t understand so well about sliding door window treatments ideas so it looks great just are should be. Here, […]

how to make a japanese sliding door

Japanese Sliding Doors Design

Traditional or old Japanese home is related to the peaceful interior design where a home is really designed with serious and unique pattern of peace, smile, comfort, nature and culture. There is a balance in all aspects of traditional Japanese home design. The very famous element is Japanese sliding doors that look familiar in the traditional home and as what you see in the movie about Samurai world. It looks […]

best blinds for sliding glass doors

Blinds for Sliding Doors Design

To have a comfortable home interior and exterior design, yes you should fight and struggle especially for the budget. If you think just installing the usual door design in your patio is enough then you should try sliding doors. It provides more sensations with the better appearance to have a relaxation. But it doesn’t stop there, sliding doors in patio may be hot when it is faced the sunlight directly, […]

living room with area rug

Living Room Area Rugs Designs

Yes, every homeowner wants to have a perfect look of living room. Why? Living room is the main room of every home design. Here, it is not only as room for family but also for entertaining guests, celebrating a party and more. That is why in every living room design, it will be enchanted with certain points and you can add more accessories to make it look sweet and comfortable. […]